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Feed Newport , also known as Feed Newport Community Interest Company, is a social enterprise based in the city of Newport, South Wales.
It is focused on improving the local community and promoting social and economic development in the area.
Feed Newport CIC operates with the aim of creating positive change and addressing various issues faced by the community.

One of the key areas of focus for Feed Newport CIC is community development.
They work towards building stronger communities by organizing events, activities, and initiatives that bring people together. These efforts aim to foster a sense of belonging and promote social cohesion among residents.

Another important aspect of Feed Newport CIC's work is environmental sustainability. They are committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and raising awareness about environmental issues. This includes initiatives such as recycling programs, energy-saving campaigns, and promoting sustainable transportation options.

To fund their initiatives, Feed Newport CIC relies on a combination of grants, sponsorships, donations, and revenue generated from their activities.
They operate as a not-for-profit organization, reinvesting any surplus funds back into their projects and activities for the benefit of the community.

Overall, Feed Newport CIC plays a vital role in driving positive change in Newport by focusing on community development, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.
Through their efforts, they aim to create a thriving and inclusive community where residents can live fulfilling lives.

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