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Story Behind Newport Baby Bank.

The Baby Bank came about from the significant amount of food bank referrals we would have that also asked for nappies and baby formula or baby weaning foods.

We could only supply these items if they were subject to availability.

There was and is definitely a need out there for this and as I done my research the nearest official baby food bank was Taffs Well Cardiff even though we have a few other organisations that help with baby items around Newport there was no specific baby bank hence why Feed Newport ran with it.

We provide everything under one roof which means support workers, schools, health visitors and midwives can refer into us knowing we can supply food items for the adults in the household and also be able to supply 

nappies and wet wipes.

We also stock pre-loved baby equipment -

Pushchairs, Travel Systems, Cots, Moses Baskets, Every thing you need for a new baby.


We also stock a small selection of pre-loved baby clothing aged between 0-12mths.



Newport Baby Bank is proud to offer Maternity Bags for ladies


who sadly may go to hospital without one.



In February 2021 Newport Baby Bank were extremely pleased to


announce that



The National Lottery Community Fund awarded us a grant to


carry out this amazing project for a year.


This service is a referral based service


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