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February 2024

A Sprinkling of Sweetness: Helping Newport's Seniors with Feed Newport

Inspired by the heart-warming "Sweet Way to Help the Homeless" campaign, let's sprinkle some sugary kindness on another vulnerable group in our community: the elderly. Feed Newport, a beacon of hope for those facing hunger, is embarking on a new initiative called "A Sprinkling of Sweetness" to bring joy and nourishment to our senior citizens.

Here's how you can be a part of this sweet movement:

1. Bake with Love, Share with Care:
Whip up batches of delicious cookies, muffins, or even savoury treats like cheese straws or mini quiches.

Get creative with themed treats for holidays or special occasions.
Package your goodies in cute boxes or festive bags adorned with messages of love and support.

2. Host a Sweet Soiree:
Gather your friends and family for a bake sale or afternoon tea party.

Let everyone contribute their baking skills or simply come to enjoy the treats and donate.

Decorate the space with cheerful colours and heart-warming artwork created by local children.

3. Spread the Word, Sweeten the Deal:
Promote the campaign on social media, using the hashtag #SprinklingOfSweetness.

Partner with local businesses to offer discounts or matching donations for every sweet treat purchased.
Organize a delivery drive to bring the goodies directly to senior centres or assisted living facilities.

Remember, every little effort counts! A single cookie can brighten someone's day, and a box of muffins can show our elders that they're not forgotten.

Here are some additional ways to support Feed Newport and their mission to nourish our community:

Donate directly to their "A Sprinkling of Sweetness" campaign.
Volunteer your time at their kitchen or food pantry.
Raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity in Newport.
Together, let's make Newport a sweeter place for everyone, one delicious bite at a time!

Feel free to adapt and personalize this campaign to fit your community's needs and preferences. With creativity and compassion, we can turn "A Sprinkling of Sweetness" into a movement that fills hearts and stomachs alike.

Let's show our appreciation for the wisdom and experience of our senior citizens by giving them the gift of sweetness and care.

Fundraiser by Gem Walker : Winter fundraiser [](

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