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Feed Newport Launches a Cultural Food Hub.

Feed Newport an organisation in Newport city centre has launched a 'Cultural Food Hub' with a programme for ethnic minority people living in the area over the next 6 months.

Feed Newport CIC hopes the scheme will support people whose cultural or other dietary needs mean a typical food parcel is not always suitable.

Feed Newport has identified

the need to act as a Cultural Food Hub for the city to provide support to residents in Newport who need access to emergency food which better meet their cultural needs.

The Cultural Food Hub to provide food to meet diverse need such as: rice, variety of flours, dried pulses, ginger, garlic, oil, tinned and dried pulses, fresh veg, seasonings and spices etc.

Feed Newport will co-ordinate cultural food provision for Newport.


Tel: 07834812119

Feed Newport to co-ordinate cultural food provision for Newport.


Tel: 01633 549 796

Access to cultural food hub:

The cultual food hub will provide parcels that will be designed for people with specific dietary requirements – such as Halal, gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan – through a referral basis from an organisation or charity

The cultural food hub will also give support with access to the appropriate food to the wider community, So this is available locally

Partnership working with local organisations:

Frontline services supporting communities with emergency food provision can contact Feed Newport to work in partnership to access culturally appropriate food for their organisation to redistribute to people in need of emergency provision.

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