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Community Shop

Updated: Jan 31, 2021


At Community Shop Newport, We are offering a range of goods and services to families and individuals in receipt of benefits.

Community Shop Newport is Feed Newports's New social enterprise. It's here to help those in need. What will you find at Feed Newport?

Food Bank

Our Food bank is set up to help tackle food poverty in our community where we re- direct surplus food to those who are in need through referral basis .

Community Hub

We offer support to people who are homeless, refugees, older people, people fleeing domestic violence, and those at risk through living in poverty.

Soup Kitchen

Good food always brings people together and our Soup Kitchen is a great place to grab a decent meal, have a chat see a freindly face in a clean and safe environment.

Community Shop

Community Shop is open every thursday 10am to 2pm. We're open to provide essential aid and support if needed, simply collect a basic food parcel. A simple donation of £3.50 as a membership paid weekly or Monthly by direct debit to help us with the work we do across the city.

we're open for a cuppa and for a chat with people in our local community who are looking for a little bit of extra help.

So, if you belong to the community in or around the area we are based, and are on a means tested benefit (like JSA, ESA, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support) then please pop into store or give us a call.

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